Mark Sidney Johnson

Musical Director & Guitarist

Musical Director and Guitarist, Mark Sidney Johnson


Mark Sidney Johnson is a british musician based in NYC. He has worked for Interscope records, Atlantic Records, Sony Music, The Oscars, Google, YouTube and Conde Naste. 

Mark is the Musical Director for Google Engage and YouTube Brandcast events across Europe, America and Asia. These events feature a wide array of diverse talents from James Corden and Snoop Dogg, to Jamie Oliver, Bruno Mars and many more.

In March 2016, Mark worked with LA Made Creative on the initial guitar arrangement for the In Memoriam segment at the 88th Academy awards (OSCARS) performed by Dave Grohl.

Mark was the principle guitarist with YouTube act, CDZA, an experimental ensemble who have an online fan base of over 250, 000 followers and over 30 million channel views. His critically acclaimed 'Journey of The Guitar Solo' video, has over 1.5 million views and is used by many guitar instructors world wide.